Foolishly Pushing the Limits Of My Body


Pushing the limits listen

I pushed it slightly a little too hard today in the gym and couldn’t push as hard as I wanted to because my leg began to feel like I might have pulled something. That’s another one of my downfalls that I have to work on correcting, listening to my body. I think about 20 minutes into the first machine that I was on I could feel this pain in my leg and like something was pulling but even though my body was trying to tell me that I should’ve stopped, my mind said “don’t you dare” and psychologically I was thinking I can’t be a quitter so I kept going until my first 45 minutes was up. It was clear when I got off the machine that I had overdone it. 

The bad thing is I was still trying to figure out if I could go ahead and do my mile on the treadmill. I did some weights and things (by the way it was legs and abs day so that probably didn’t help it) and was still limping a little. The trainer that I consult with on occasion told me that it was most certainly not a good idea to do the treadmill and although it pained me to leave the gym feeling as if I had not completed my entire workout, I listened to the word of someone who clearly knows more about this weight loss thing than I do. 

Talking to the trainer also helped in another area because we got to talking about the proper things to eat and the nutritional value of some things as opposed to others. She clued me into a lot of different things as far as the right nutritionally rich meals and options for healthy snacks to eat. There is so much more to this whole healthy lifestyle thing then just the exercise and even choosing what we think is healthy to eat. 

It’s clearly a lot about nutrition that I need to read up on and a lot of meal choices that I have to sort through. I said in a previous post that I really needed to focus in on my eating habits and make sure that they are not doing more harm than good. Talking to her today was very enlightening and showed me that I have so much more to learn about this weight loss and healthy eating thing. But I’m ready!


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