I’m Trying To Get A Handle On My Eating Habits, and I think It’s Working…


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I think that I am finally starting to curb my really bad habit of snacking at night. Okay maybe I still have some work to do in that area but I am certainly better at it then I was three weeks ago. I do admit that I go to bed quite late (about 1 to 2 am) so in fairness when I eat dinner before 7 in the evening it’s hard not to get a little hungry before I go to bed. 

It is a struggle to maintain a healthy eating regimen because the cost of food has only gotten higher and I have a specific grocery budget that I have to stick to if I want to be able to pay my other bills as well. It’s hard to not go for the “not so good for you” foods when you go to the grocery store and all of the inexpensive and sale items happen to be some of the not so healthy things they have to eat. I try my best to do what I can with what I have and that leaves me with some options that aren’t always the best in terms of being healthy. 

Now another thing concerning my eating that I have to absolutely get under control is my emotional eating and my bored eating. For the most part I will say that I don’t so much eat when I am bored but I have in the past been known to occasionally snack just because there wasn’t anything else to do. My main issue (in which I have recently managed to reign in a bit) is eating when I am feeling upset or depressed. That is something that I know I need to stop doing but it is hard to just expect myself to stop doing that cold turkey. 

They say that losing weight is 20% workout and exercise but 80% what you eat and if that is in fact true then I have to really start focusing on my diet. I have to learn how to cook some of my favorite things (or close to them) but in a healthy way and how to eat the proper foods at the proper times. Living a healthy lifestyle is not something you can do with ease. It takes some serious work and effort but I am definitely willing to put everything I have into this effort.


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