Will the Number Reflect the Work I’ve Put In


forget what the scale says

It’s been almost a month now since I’ve started back at my workout regimen which of course since I said I was going to weigh myself at the beginning of each month means it’s almost weigh in time (Sunday). I have to say I’m a bit nervous because even though I am starting to feel the change in my body I don’t know if it will show up just yet on the scale. Not to mention I am not sure that I have gotten enough of a handle on my bad eating habits for it to start showing up on the scale either. 

I am hopeful because I have definitely been putting in some hard work at the gym and I have made sure to be consistent and I won’t lie and say that it wouldn’t be frustrating if the scale didn’t show the progress that I feel. I also know that the progress I feel will not be negated by whatever number shows up on that scale. I know that I can’t beat myself up if the number doesn’t show the hard work that I have put in because that still doesn’t change that I feel the change. 

My legs are feeling stronger, while I am still having knee issues I have been having less struggles with my knee than before, and I also am starting to feel a change in my energy levels. I also feel like my confidence is coming back and that feeling is priceless, regardless of what that number is going to say on the scale. 

Weight loss is about so much more than just the number that you see when you get on a scale and it took me a long time to really get that and for it to sink in. I could lose another 100 pounds but if I still don’t feel good about myself and don’t feel healthy and strong then what does it really mean? I am discovering things about myself on this journey also that still amaze me everyday and one of them is that I have so much willpower that carries me though on this weight loss goal. 

I get up when I don’t want to, I keep going when I don’t want to, and on a slightly less celebratory scale, when I know I shouldn’t go any further (due to physical strain) I continue until I have completed the goal I set in the beginning. The last one could be a really bad thing in the long run but it does say something about me. It says that if I set a goal I am going to get there no matter what. I am feeling good today and I love this feeling!


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