Settling Into My Journey, Even Though My Goal Seems So Far Away


Settling INto my weight loss journey

Okay so I am well on my way in week three and I’m starting to feel even stronger in my workout regimen and I am very happy with my level of consistency (particularly since my consistency has been complimented on) with my working out. I know that the next thing I have to work on tackling is my eating habits and it’s not just my eating habits that I need to work on fixing but also my daughter’s because I am not fighting this struggle for myself but also for her sake. 

In many ways I think that I am at fault for my daughter’s being overweight and after taking her to the doctor’s office last week for a sick visit and seeing her weight and what it has ballooned up to I am very ashamed that I have seemingly transferred my weight issues onto her. I won’t give her weight on here because even though she is a child she is entitled to some privacy in her numbers but I wanted to cry when I saw the number because I realized I had not only got relaxed in my health plan for myself but also the one that I was on for her as well. 

So this weight loss journey that I am on is not just for me but for my daughter as well. I want her to have the healthiest life possible and I need to do better. There are no excuses that I can make, I simply need to do better. I know that it may seem backwards to get the workout program back on track before addressing the eating habits and the food that is consumed but I feel like getting the habit of exercise going again first, both in me and my child. 

I think now that I have gotten back in the swing of things as far as my workouts and I am getting my daughter back use to exercising again (just starting), I can begin to try and focus on what foods to keep on our monthly grocery list and what foods not remove. Also figuring out the appropriate times of day and proper amount of meals to have is a huge part of it as well. 

So this journey of mine as turned from a journey of one to now being a journey of two. Now to find some sneaky ways to sneak vegetables into the meals for a picky eater (my daughter) who does not like any vegetable besides green beans! Hope your journey’s are going well and please share your journey’s with me. Let’s strengthen each other!


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