There Are Times When the Towel Should Be Thrown In


Sometimes You Have to throw in the towel

Well when I anticipated going in to this week I had hoped that things would all go according to my plan, along with the schedule, and without any hiccups. I should’ve known better because I can never plan around mother nature (snow delays at my child’s school), and physical pains that creep up on me unexpectedly. You would think that with my size that I would anticipate these physical pains, particularly since I went for quite some time without exercising but it always seem that I have some type of physical ailment that pops up when I least need it too. 

Today I missed my workout at the gym because as soon as I got to the gym after dropping my daughter off at school the school nurse called me to come pick her back up because she wasn’t feeling well. In some ways I think it might have been a blessing in disguise because my ankles were really bothering my last night and I was truly wondering how I was going to get through a workout with my ankles in such pain. 

Sometimes even the most pesky little obstacles will creep up to let us know that even when we want to go all in, we have to still be aware of when we need to back off and ease up so that our body can get the appropriate recovery time. That’s not to say that I think my daughter feeling bad was in any way a good thing but I think that God knows me well enough to know that my daughter (or something she needs) is probably the only thing that could get me to possibly slow down and examine the current situation and perhaps deviate from the normal routine that I had in my mind. 

I get told constantly that I have to listen to what my body towels me and not what I keep trying to tell my mind to tell my body. In my mind I think “I can keep going, all or nothing” and I try to communicate that to my body but in reality my body is telling me “you have to ease up so that I don’t completely shut down and then you won’t be able to do anything”. Have to learn that my body has a say in this fight for healthiness and I need to listen to it. In my quest to never give up and not throw in the towel I have to learn when I am pushing a little too hard and may need to, in fact, throw in that towel. 


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