The Soreness of It All


Soreness of it all

I won’t lie and say that today was a piece of cake or that I was as excited to go to the gym as I was the first two days. In fact today was rough. I was so sore from yesterday and this morning all of my muscles were stiffened all over again. But I went to the gym anyway, with a sore leg and hurt knee, but I persevered and I got through my workout. 

Granted I didn’t do as much as the day before but at least I powered through. I supposed it’s natural for my body to be sore the first week or two back working out after such a long time away from the routine of exercising. I will get through this and once I get back into the swing of things I know that the real issue that I have to deal with is my relationship with food. 

I have to stop eating at bad times, not eating when I know I need to eat, and eating to comfort myself instead of actual hunger. However, I think that once I get back on track with my exercise routine it will curve some of my eating habits, and it will bring back some of the confidence I was loosing which will inadvertently help with the emotional eating issues. They say that loosing weight is really only 10% exercise, 10% mental, and 80% of how you eat. I’m starting where I know will begin to fix everything else, the exercise. 

I knew this wasn’t going to be easy but I had forgotten how sore the body gets when you’re just starting out. I keep hearing my friends tell me not to overdue it because they know I have a bad habit of going to the extreme when it comes to working out and I really don’t know how not to push myself as far as I can go, it’s just usually I push a little further then I should. I can’t wait to get past the phase where I am in constant soreness. But I will press on! 

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