When My Issues Become More Than Just My Own


You know as a parent who happens to be overweight you tend to worry somewhere deep down on the inside whether or not your child is going to have the same struggles as you.  When I had my daughter I had hoped that she would never have the same struggles with weight as I did as a child and into my adulthood.  I know how it is to be an overweight child and being a kid is hard enough without having to have that extra burden of being teased because of your weight. 


I had actually thought I dodged a bullet because for quite a few years her doctor would tell me that she was underweight and needed to gain more weight but she was such a picky eater and it was hard to feed her anything she liked.  Well at around age six she started to pick up more weight and at first it was gradual but it has been steadily increasing lately.  I can’t believe that while I’ve been working on straightening out my issues with my weight, I somehow failed to stop the growing issue with my child. 


It’s not her level of activity because she is extremely active and in fact it’s almost impossible for her to be still so just about a week ago her doctor requested that I take the carbs completely out of her diet for the next two weeks just to see if it makes a difference.  Can you imagine how hard of a diet that is for a kid? 


I can’t help but feeling like a failure as a parent because the very thing I didn’t want her to have to deal with is the very thing that she ended up dealing with.  Did I worry so much about it that I somehow brought it on?  Well the main thing now is getting her health back on track and if it takes drastic measures (not too drastic of course) like cutting carbs for a period of time then that is what I am going to do.  I don’t want her to become my age and have to deal with this.  What doe you do when your issues have somehow transferred to your child?  Until next time, be healthy!



Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”






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