My Child the Picky Eater


What I am finding ironic about my struggle with my weight that I have been consciously tackling for the last few years is that during those years my child has developed a weight problem.  I say that it’s ironic because who would’ve thought that just as I am dealing with my issues with weight and my relationship to food that my daughter would start to have the same problems that I had when I was her age.  

Between me and her doctor we have been trying multiple things but nothing seems to be working and it doesn’t make sense because my child is highly active.  However, when I think about it I am guilty of caving in when I am having one of my sweet attacks and she asks for what I have.  I can actually pinpoint a lot of things that I need to do differently but my number one issue with her is that she is an extremely picky eater and I don’t want her to starve.  

When I say picky, I am mostly speaking of vegetables.  When I was my daughter’s age I absolutely loved vegetables (most of them anyway) but unlike me\, she does not.  I used to be able to get her to eat corn and (with a fight) carrots, and green beans.  Now all she seems to eat without an exhausting argument is green beans.  If she had it her way she wouldn’t eat any vegetables AT ALL.  She is definitely more of a starch girl and that is just not healthy.  Now I have to start figuring out more clever ways to sneak her vegetables in her system without her knowing it.    

I guess it’s just all a process because now I realize that while I have made a number of good changes for the better with our eating habits, I can still be doing such a better job of making even more of the necessary changes.  I guess I’ll just have to deal with my frustration of the situation by attacking the problem with the proper actions.  I wonder just how many ways can I actually sneak carrots or spinach into a meal for my child to eat! 


Jimmetta Carpenter


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