A Plan Not Yet In Motion


Okay so I am not rich.  Shocking, I know, but unfortunately true.  So when I have to think about making a comprehensive plan for my weight loss efforts this year, to step up my efforts and to start to see more aggressive results again like I saw in the first year of my journey, I can not just turn to Jenny Craig, or the Biggest Loser Meal and workout plan (that cost way more than I am willing to pay), or Weight Watchers (which seems to be the biggest show of results out there now) in order to nudge me along the way.  

It’s a lot harder when you have to figure it all out on your own, without being a nutritionist and having knowledge of how your body responds to certain foods, or without knowing just how many calories you are supposed to be taking in for your weight and height and just how many you are supposed to be burning off.  

Needless to say, I have not yet come up with a strong plan for what workouts work the best for me and how often, if at all, I should change up the machines in the gym that I use.  I also haven’t come up with a way to cut back on my snacking (my weakness) and how to best tailor my meals in a better way to be even more healthy because I know that I can do better in that area as well.  

I am still working on coming up with my plan for this year but maybe I’ll share it with you when I finish putting it all together.  I tell you, those that are fortunate enough to have the money to be able to join weight watchers or some weight loss program that help them with their weight loss efforts, use those resources because it certainly makes jumping into things a lot easier.  Well I hope all of you have your plans for your weight loss efforts in place.  Maybe you could share some ideas with me.   


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2 thoughts on “A Plan Not Yet In Motion

  1. Stopping by from Thoughtful Thursday. I totally understand your struggle – and I have a sort-of plan for this year. I hope it works out. (if yesterday is any gauge of how it will go…well, let’s just say today is a new day and so far different from yesterday…thankfully!)

    anyway – I did 2 things differently this year. First, I set a goal for where I want to be in June – not the end of the year. Then I sent how many pounds I can reasonably lose until then. (being reasonable helps!). Also, I realized that with my struggle with Adrenal Fatigue, I cannot just start exercising madly straightaway – so I found a free website with great exercises of all kinds on Hasfit.com. (They also have meal plans). Lastly – I am active again on My Fitness Pal where I track my calories taken and burned…plus measurements and weight loss. I have added some friends for support and am active in a FB group where I also have a lot of support.

    If this doesn’t work -nothing will. haha! BTW, I did Jenny Craig once – many moons ago and it worked as long as I ate their meals. Afterward I gained everything back. Not worth the money, in my estimation. But that’s just me. Maybe it works for others.

    • jcladyluv

      It sounds you are on track, much more so than I am, and like you have some great plans already in motion. I think I will check out that link for Hasfit and maybe it could help me too. Please drop back in from time to time and let me know how it’s going. I wish you luck!

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