This Weight Loss Journey Is Beginning to Lead to New Paths


My best friend Ms. L. made a funny comment to me the other week.  She suggested that I actually give some thought to becoming a trainer; a fitness trainer.  I laughed at first until I realized that she was serious.  I told her that I was still too ‘fat’ to be anybody’s trainer.  Her response was that all that matters is that I am in shape, not my size.  She pointed out that there actually are trainers (too few if you ask me) who are thicker build and not skinny but they are in shape.  It’s not like I have never seen these thicker built trainers who are in marvelous shape.  I just never thought that I could ever be in that category with them.  

Well last week I began working out my daughter who has now become the overweight kid I so desperately had hoped she wouldn’t become.  On one of those days, as I had her running up and down the stairs, I actually began to see myself as a person who could be a trainer.  Now that I have begun getting myself into better shape and am losing weight (not fast enough I might add) I can begin really working on my daughter.  I never knew that when I started this journey that it would lead me to wanting to do something like this.  

I was the person who hated exercise and who found any excuse not to (hence how I ended up on this journey) but now I love to go to the gym and I love the way I feel when I exercise.  I couldn’t imagine not exercising now and when my daughter told me last Friday that she was actually beginning to like exercising (which she groaned about loudly when she started) I was pleased that she was beginning to see those same benefits early on.  I had done that.  I got my daughter to like exercising and to realize the benefit.  

If I could do that for a child, why couldn’t I do that for another adult?  Who knew when I started this weight loss journey that it would lead me to wanting to help others on their weight loss journey as well?  Now I am not saying that I am definitely going to do it but I am starting to give it some serious thought.  Thanks Ms. L. for always seeing things in me that I haven’t seen yet.  I guess you’re God’s little messenger. 

Jimmetta Carpenter


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