With A New Year Comes A New Attitude


Okay I know that I haven’t posted anything on here in quite some time now and most of it was due to trying to build up the readership and following on my Write 2 Be blog but there was a part of me that just didn’t know what I had to tell you that was anything different.  But recently I realized that is just crazy to think that because as far as my workout and maintaining my health regimen goes, I am always trying to do new things and challenge myself more.  

Sometime towards the end of November of last year I decided to step off of the treadmill (at least cut down on the frequency) and go into the gym with the guys and run suicides.  I know right, me, run suicides.  I remember saying that I would NEVER ever do that.  Well that would be why people say never say never.  So clearly I couldn’t do what the rest of the guys did because they have been running these things for years, this is nothing new to them.  So while they do their ten sets of ten suicides (yes each set) I started off with just one set.  The following week I moved up to two sets.  By the end of December I was running 4 up to three sets and by the first of this year I was up to five.  Now I can run seven sets of suicides and on most days I am in the gym doing them by myself.  

The guys all quit on me.  Well they went back to focusing on all weights, all the time.  But with me, because I still have lots of weight I want to lose, it’s all mostly Cardio all of the time and a little bit of weights.  One of the guys even told me last week that he was proud of the strides that I have made.  You know what?  I’m proud of me too.  I never in a million years thought that I could even run one set of them things let alone have made it to seven and can easily see me getting to ten by, oh say, March (that’s not a promise).  

I have surprised myself by challenging myself which goes to show you what you miss out on when you don’t challenge yourself to do better, to be stronger, and push past the limits that you have set for yourself in your own mind.  Usually the limits are yours, not your bodies.  Until next time…Don’t forget to go past your limits sometimes because you never know what you might be capable of doing! 

Jimmetta Carpenter


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