I confess that…


I was starting to give in to my own weaknesses 

Okay so I was feeling guilty before when I had to miss two days out of the gym and I had made peace with knowing that I was doing so to preserve my mobility.  But when I watched the Biggest Loser the other night I, once again, felt guilty and questioned whether or not I was using my problem with my knee as an excuse.  

Here is this woman on the show, in her forties, with a knee injury so bad that her cartilage around it is starting to wear away, and she has to walk on crutches.  She had to be reduced to doing workouts that either don’t involve using her legs at all or where she can get away with just using one of her legs.  Now everyone on the ranch working out on the other teams were all thinking what I was sitting at home thinking.  She was either going to end up gaining weight or losing a really low amount of weight because she was injured, how much could she have realistically lost.  Well she lost 16lbs, more than she had ever lost since in any given week since she had been on the ranch.  I was blown away, as were the rest of the people on that ranch, with her achievement.  This woman lost 16lbs and her injuries are way more severe than my little hurt knee and here I am thinking that this is a time for me to actually take a break.  

What was I thinking?  Now yes I know that everyone’s bodies are different, and no one person’s pain is more or less than another person’s.  We don’t all go through the same things the same way but she’s older than me, more injured than I am, and I am taking a break from what exactly; the extended quality of my life?  See how this show can be a blessing and a curse all at once.  In one instance you are mad because the people on the show make it look so easy to do in months what people on the outside of that ranch have to work months, sometimes years, to do.  But in another instance you can not be anything but impressed and inspired and motivated by the people there.  

This woman just motivated me to not let my pain or whatever weaknesses I do have be the reason that I don’t push myself to do more and do better.  We’re only given this one life to make the most of with whatever we’ve got so I’ve got to kick things up a notch.  How, you say?  Well I haven’t quite figured that part out yet but when I know, I’ll let you know.  Until next time…Don’t let your weaknesses cripple you!


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”






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