I confess that…


I never knew losing weight would change that! 

I’m not exactly comfortable in being this open with all of you out there so this blog post will probably be a short one, but nevertheless this blog is about coming out of my shell.  There’s something else that losing weight has done for me that I never even thought about when I started this journey.  When I said in the previous post that I have a lot more confidence now, I didn’t just mean in my everyday life as far as believing in my talent and my ability to accomplish goals.  I had no idea just how much my sex life could change during the process of me losing weight.  Now I have never had any complaints in that area beforehand but since I have been losing weight the compliments have gotten a thousand times better.  The feeling of being able to do things I couldn’t do before (not going to go into details) or being way more flexible than I was before has done wonders.  More so, the confidence gained has spilled over into this area of my life as well because my confidence in the bedroom makes me more willing to try different things that I never thought I could do before.  Better sex is definitely an added bonus to losing weight and that much more of an incentive.  I just wanted to share that and now that I feel completely exposed, I’m going to end this post and hope that there is at least one person out there that understands where I’m coming from and exactly what I mean.  Until next time…what are your added bonuses?


Jimmetta Carpenter


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