Fat Girl Confession # 25


I confess…I thought I would have met my goal by now 

So yet another weight loss show premiered on T.V. last night called Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.  It’s about transforming one particular person over the course of a year into a new life by losing the weight they’ve been trying to lose for the better part of their life.  Watching the show made me frustrated about my weight loss journey all over again.  It wasn’t that the show isn’t any good because it is very motivating and inspiring.  This woman on the premier show went from369 lbsto208 lbsin just a year’s time. 161 poundsin just one year. 

That’s what’s so frustrating to me.  I’ve been on this weight loss journey for 2 plus years now and while I have lost a great deal of weight I somehow thought that I would be a lot closer to my end goal by now and it just seems like the harder I workout and the more I try to change my eating habits for the better (because I do slip up every now and then) that’s the further away that my end goal becomes.  I mean I do a 2 hour workout every morning, Monday through Friday, which includes an hour and a half of cardio every morning plus incorporating weights into it.  I have changed the things I eat and even the amount I eat is less because apparently my stomach is shrinking and I can’t even eat as much as I used to which was never a lot to begin with.  I’ve changed the way I prepare my food as well. 

Now I’m not perfect and yes I do have moments where I eat something not so healthy for me but not enough of a slip up to completely hinder things.  What do I have to do, practically kill myself or stop eating altogether?  I really am at a loss for what to do.  Everyone I go to the gym with has their own different kind of advice to give me and I try out everything and still I am not where I want to be in my weight loss yet.  I know it takes time, I know all of the things that people say about not getting to this point overnight and yes I understand that and I’m not saying that I haven’t made great progress because I do see some subtle differences and more importantly I feel a tremendous change within me and my body that I’ve honestly never felt before but I just wish that in 2 years I was where other people seem to get to in just 1 year. 

I guess my body type just requires more patience (or 4 more hours of working out which would almost kill me).  If I knew then what I know now about how hard losing weight would be I might have thought twice (and 3 or 4 more times after that) about the extra unnecessary food that I was eating just to fill other voids in my life.  Well I can’t turn back time now so I guess I just have to roll with the punches.  Until next time…try not to let frustration get the better of you!!!


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

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