Fat Girl Confession # 21


I confess…I realize now that my mindset wasn’t right before 

Every now and then you stumble upon a television show that will change your life somehow.  The kind of show where in just the short half hour or hour that it takes to watch the show by the end of it you find your mind has already been changed and your heart has already been touched.  This past Sunday I watched one of those shows.  The Secret Millionaire came on at 8:00pm on the ABC network and 5 minutes into the show I was already in tears and already felt the change happening.  If you have not seen this show you have to go online and watch it because it will change everything for you.  

The Millionaire on this episode was Dani Johnson and she is a self made entrepreneur who tells a story of being homeless at 21 but a millionaire by the age of 23.  So after the show I went online and I looked her up.  I went on her website and found just a wealth of information but it was information that I had been waiting for.  I can’t adequately detail everything that you will find on there so you need to check it out yourself by going on www.danijohnson.com 

A lot of what she talks about on her website is how the wealth that you want and hope to bring into your life has a great deal to do with your mindset and what you believe you can do with what you already have right in front of you.  Now of course I plan on applying that to my business life and trying to gain the amount of income that I need to not just get by on but to live a happy and content life where I am not continuously stressed out about how I’m going to pay the next bill that comes in the mail.  What I didn’t realize until sometime last night and early this morning was how much changing my mindset can affect the other aspect of my life that I am struggling with as well which is my weight and my health.  

For the last month or so I have been having an issue with my leg and knee due to arthritis related issues and I took two weeks off from the gym (worst decision) and now I am just limping along in the gym trying to struggle through my workouts.  Now I’ve been getting through them but I feel that I could be burning more calories if the pain in my leg and knee wasn’t slowing me down.  Last night I thought about the things I read and heard on the Dani Johnson website about changing your mindset and not speaking on the negative things that you can’t do anything about but rather speaking positively about how to turn those negative things into a positive.  

So I’ve decided that regardless of the pain that when I am in that gym I’m going to put it out of my mind and power through my workout because if all that’s on my mind is the pain then I am not working out to the best of my ability.  When I am home I am going to find several intervals of the day to specifically work out that leg as if I were in rehabilitation from an accident until I can regain the strength in that leg and knee that was once there instead of avoiding extensive movement of that leg for fear of injuring it even more.  I even put it in my mind that I am going to be back to running on that treadmill next week at the gym (however I realize that might be a bit ambitious of me) even if it is not as long or as fast as it was before.  I am going to get back to the point where I was because I have put it in my mind that that is what I am going to do.  

If I don’t believe that I can do it then I never will and I just can not accept that.  I know that the two weeks I took off from the gym did more damage than good because I know I gained some weight and now I realize that even on the days where my leg feels like it is not up to the hour of cardio that I put in at the gym then I will still go to the gym and perhaps work on something else like upper body strength because it is important to maintain the routine of steadily going.  It is all about your mindset, with anything you do and the struggle of losing weight is no different.  Until next time…get your mind right!!!


Jimmetta Carpenter


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