Fat Girl Confession # 18


I confess…I had forgotten that there were people that cared about me 

Somebody did something remarkable for me today and if I ever had a doubt in my mind about whether I had anyone aside from my best friend, my daughter, and my sister that cared about me, today the doubt was put to rest (at least until the next moment of insanity that I have).  

As you may know I have not been to the gym in the last two weeks (and some days) and most of the reason for that was due to my leg which has been bothering my tremendously.  The other reason was because I have been apprehensive about going back because I simply couldn’t afford to renew my membership and I knew that the front desk guy could only keep letting me slide for so long.  

Well this morning I got a phone call from the guy who sits at the front desk of the gym and of course the guys at the gym have been worried about me but what surprised me most was when he told me that someone had paid for the renewal of my membership and not just the 3 months renewal that I was worried about but for a whole year.  I couldn’t believe it.  Of course the person wanted to remain anonymous and I will respect that but to know that the people in that gym have come to care about me that much that they would do something like that is just amazing and it gives me great hope.  I had planned on going back tomorrow anyway but now there is no way that I couldn’t go back now because that would be like throwing the opportunity this person just gave me away.  

I had gotten used to thinking that not many people cared about me and not because I don’t feel like I am worth being cared about, it’s just that people have their own things and issues to deal with.  It was really a moment of hope when that happened this morning and I just wanted to share that.  It’s nice when you remember just how much other people care about you.  Until next time…hope you discover your moment of hope!!!


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

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